Newpark Seniors Forum And Residents Association

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Newpark Seniors Forum And Residents Association

Fun begins with the Twilight years

The Twilight Community group has been showing unbelievable growth since 2014. Then it was a one project planned activity to Twin Kilkenny City with Malbork Poland. That project took till May 2nd 2017 to complete. while this was on going the group continued to identify areas for Community development.

The Group now has the following departments that will have ongoing projects to benefit all members of our Twilight Community Group;

  • Arts Culture and Education  with Philip Brennan as the Department Head
  • Commerce Trade & Tourism   leads the Patrick O’Neill
  • Student Exchange has  Ania Admowska and Louise Bourke making the calls
  • Youth Sports & Community  is part Emanuel Samuel’s remit
  • Seniors Forum head is John Coonan who is also the Chairperson of the Kilkenny Seniors forum and Age alliance Ireland Member.

Our seniors programme is one of our most ambitious and very community based. Joining with the Newpark Seniors Forum and Residents association now has a number of exciting projects ahead.

On recent visit to Margny Les Compiegne Murty Brennan ,Chair Person ,visit their Seniors forum and it was decided that it opened the opportunity to look at Senior’s trips to and from France,  add in Malbork Poland and Tiznit Morocco and we have very exciting times ahead for our very young at heart.

On Wednesday October 24th 2019 delegations from these 3 Cities and associations are in Kilkenny were these  activities and Projects are on the agenda to discuss. The Twilight Community Bingo will be a hive of activity that evening from 8-30 as Bingo Caller Fran Cody calls the numbers in his own unique and novel way in the Orchard House , Newpark

What an opportunity this project now has for our seniors of our community to spend a few days in Autumn walking the streets of Margny Les Compiegne visiting some wonderful sites including the Wonderful stately Home where Beauty and the Beast was shot to the timeless tones of Josh Groban vocals  and backing tracks  . All the funds raised by the Twilight community Group  (now a registered charity 20200322 ) are been set aside to defray some of the expected costs. As well as this weekly bingo, under the watchful eye of Marie  Doheny, Helen Larkin Goode and friends, they are holding the first of their afternoon Tea Parties in St Johns Parish day centre where the Great John Travers and Andrew McGuinness will play the songs we all love so well. The date is Sunday November 11 at 2pm contact any member for the tickets now available.

Yes the say 60th is now the new 40th well in Newpark the fun begins in your Twilight years with our Community Group

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