Twilight Theatre Training programme

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Twilight Theatre Training programme

The Twilight Community group launch their Theatre training programme for Integration and Social Inclusion of all Community Groups. Many Migrant, Immigrant , Refuge Asylum Seekers come to Ireland lacking the basics of English and very unsure of our cultures. I am reminded of one Migrant who arrived in Ireland almost 15 years ago with no Address of where to stay, No Job, No English just her name and Hello my name is ……….. I am looking for a job. Now this lady is an invaluable member of society providing help  assistance and services to others who arrive here. The Major problem that can arise from such an entry to our Society is without assistance and opportunities can become very isolated and Home sick. By not having an active life of interaction one well being can be come quiet low and self esteem can drop leading to a feeling of desperation and loneliness. Our Theatre Programme is to offer all communities including those in the Irish Communities who may feel lonely and isolated . By joining our interactive programme we can engage with each other on a weekly basis as each community builds their 15 minute one act play under the guidance of the Excellent Actor, Director M Ger Cody . If Groups / Cultures wish to come together and join forces to put on a unique “New” exciting Inter cultural Performance it will be a great way to promote our integration and social inclusion objectives of the Twilight Community Groups Charity’s Mission Statement.

This is wonderful opportunity for all interested in the Arts as we promote all aspects of putting on a Performance . The Back stag crews, Set designers, Front of house and those who wish to take to the boards and display their artistic talents. This project is in conjunction with the Community Federation of Ireland. As with all twilight Community Groups activities it is once again FREE for those who wish to apply . Numbers are limited so it will be on a first come basis

To Join this exciting new project which we hope may led to the Twilight Theatre group continuing to perform for the public once the project is completed call 0863255840 or email our Info at twilight ,ie.

The Conclusion of this programme will coincide with the 2019 Polska Eire Festival and Public Performances of the result of the Community Groups efforts will be part of this year Festival programme

.. Call today to avoid disappointment   




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