International Cultural House

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The Twilight Community Group International Cultural House

International Cultural House

The Twilight Community Group is a registered Charity working in the Area of Social Inclusion / Integration and community Development. We began as a one person one project hobby and it now has developed into an organisation with European Partners through our Charter of friendship protocols that are accepted and the basis for many agreements in Europe including the guidelines for the Twinning Agreement, we spear headed, between Kilkenny City & Malbork Poland. We have forged fantastic relationships between our Twilight group and foreign embassies here in Ireland and Irish embassies throughout Europe and recently the Moroccan Embassy as we signed a Charter of friendship agreement with the Municipal District of Tiznit
Our aim is to eliminate stigmatisation of all community groups, including Irish & Disadvantage Groups, by bring them together under the banner and a place to meet , get assistance and an education called the International Cultural House therefore eliminating the labels that we have given our communities , Migrant , Immigrant refugee , disadvantage etc We believe this is the way forward to have a fully integrated , socially inclusive Irish Society welcoming all to begin a life here to prosper, develop and contribute to the Irish Economy and Society without the barriers of labelling and stigmatisation.
If you as an individual or a Company wish to support our new long term project  or If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to Contact me directly

Yours Sincerely
Mr Martin Brennan,

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